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Natural Seven Growth Oil .

Natural Seven Growth Oil .

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Our Natural Seven Growth Oil is made with cold pressed oils, and infused with rosemary and mint along with other vital ingredients to promote hair growth. 

Providing vital nutrients to nourish your scalp and increase blood circulation  for hair follicles. 

Calms Irritation

Eliminates dandruff 

Strengthens Hair and restore natural shine .


- Type 1-2 hair : Use 1-3 times weekly on your scalp

-Type 3-4 hair: Use 3-7 times weekly on your scalp 

May use continuously on bald spots, thin edges or other problem areas 

BEFORE Usage highly recommend doing a patch skin test. 

Instructions- Choose a small patch of skin on your body ( forearm) apply a small amount of product, and rub it in, and allow it to dry. Covered with band- aid  for accelerated testing. Do not wash the area for at least 24 hours and watch for signs of reactions. Such as abnormal redness and irritation. If reaction occurs discontinue  

Take before and after picture to track progress. Expected results are typically between 4-6 weeks. Results may vary. 

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